In The House of Dog – Resolutions and Resolve

New Years Day started for me the way so many days have started for me in the past two years. I was out in Baker, the cloud cover was just breaking away and the day was getting warm. The client’s house sits on this beautiful piece of property. They have a variety of livestock, and the husband is working on their barn when I arrive. It really was a beautiful day. I won’t go into the details of why that client contacted me, but I will say that they had some concerns about their dog’s behavior and I was able to allay those fears during the assessment.

I did what I feel like any honest, upstanding person should do: I told them that they didn’t really need me. I could have helped some, but nothing that these competent dog owners couldn’t and wouldn’t do on their own. When I gave them my assessment of their situation, they understood immediately what they needed to do and how they should go about doing it. They had a “light bulb” moment and started to plan on how they could begin working with their dog.

Now, I could have given them the doom-and-gloom speech, and believe me when I say that I have looked several owners in the eye and told them that is wasn’t a matter of if but rather when their dog was going to bite someone. I have an obligation to be honest with people. After all, their dog’s fate may very well rest in my hands.

That being said, I can always use more business. 2019 was a good year, overall, but the holidays have slowed things down. Again, I can be dishonest with myself and blame the economy or the holidays. I used to work for a person who said that business always took a hit during election years. I don’t know if he was right. I guess that I got complacent for a while. I always have and always will give my clients 100%, and when I am working with you and your dog, you are getting everything I’ve got. But maybe when it comes to the aspects of pushing my business, I’ve gotten lax. Could I be more aggressive in getting my name out there? In making contacts and expanding my professional network? I almost certainly could and will do so. I guess that’s my New Years Resolution?

What about you? What is your resolution? Is it losing weight? Exercising more? Training your dog?

There is one thing that you need for a resolution: Resolve! See what I did there? Seriously, if you don’t like pun based humor, this blog isn’t for you. Anyway, you need resolve. Can you build up your resolve? Well, sure, through repetition. Start simple. Say no to that one extra piece of leftover Christmas candy. Go for at least one 15 minute walk. Ask for your dog to Sit at meals. Do that for a few weeks. Soon, it will become a habit, and once it’s a habit, it’s hard to stop!

When it comes to dog training, you have to start small. Your dog will not be magically obedient over night. It will take time, persistence, and resolve. But you can do this! And if you can’t, that’s why you have me!

Happy New Year, everyone! And if you are former client reading this, thank you so much for making 2019 such a successful year for me! And if you are a new client or think you might need help with your dog, then I hope this encourages you to contact me! I would love to speak to you about it!

Happy Tails everyone!


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