In The House of Dog – New Seasons, New Services

So, this blog post is entirely about discussing my new service that I’ll be offering starting in November. While this blog serves as a sounding board of sorts for my own thoughts regarding dog training, this post will just be discussing the new service. If you are interested or want to provide some feedback, please feel free to reach out to me.

One of the biggest requests I get is how to get a dog under control when faced with other dogs. Whether your dog is super friendly on leash, or super NOT friendly, leash reactivity is the most common problem I come into. While I can commiserate (boy, can I ever commiserate…), the problem I have as a private trainer is the lack of a facility to host these kinds of classes. And if you haven’t noticed, it’s Florida outside…which isn’t exactly comfortable weather for humans to work in. For dogs, Florida heat can be deadly. But we’re getting into Fall, as much as Florida gets a Fall, and the weather is a little better for this kind of work. So, since there is a demand, I will be providing a supply.

Starting in November, I will be offering what I am tentatively calling the Concerned Canines Club, a small group class to help with leash reactivity in dogs. The goal of this class isn’t to socialize your dog. There is a lot that goes into socialization, and many of the dogs I work with are past the prime socialization window. Besides, ideal socialization involves working with dogs off leash, and I simply do not have access to a facility or place to facilitate that kind of interaction.

What is the goal of Concerned Canines Club? It is to take a few teams of dogs and handlers, and work on their on-leash skills around other dogs. I’m going to answer a few questions you probably have right now, and if I didn’t provide an answer here, just reach out to me and I’ll be happy to answer it.

How does Canine Club work?

Each owner and dog will be placed into a “club”, a group of other dogs and handlers. I will try to match everyone appropriately, while providing some variety as well, so that there is a mix of sizes, ages, and energy levels. Each club is a team unto itself, and will continue working with the other owners in their team for the duration of the class. By signing up for the class, you are also signing a social contract, agreeing to make all of the classes, as the success of all of the teams depends on everyone showing up and working together.

How often will classes be held and what will we learn?

Classes will be held twice a week, for about 30 minutes. The goal of each class is to work on your dogs leash skills and general obedience around other dogs and people. I will be there to provide instruction and work with each team in turn. The goal is to learn how to apply what your dog already knows in situations where it is most desired.

Are there any requirements or prerequisites to joining the class?

Every dog should have completed basic or puppy obedience, ideally with me so that I know the dogs disposition and training history first hand. If you haven’t completed basic or puppy obedience, that will need to happen first so that you and your dog have the necessary skills to participate in the Concerned Canines Club. If you took obedience in the past with your dog, you’ll need to go through a training assessment which is about half an hour long and then a behavior assessment with both a decoy and live dog. Once you’ve passed those assessments, we can get you started in Concerned Canines Club.

What if my dog is aggressively reactive, or has a history of aggressive reactivity?

This class isn’t necessarily designed for all dogs with a history of aggressive reactivity. If, however, I have successfully worked with your dogs reactivity in the past, you may be able to join the Concerned Canines Club. Again, this is a case by case basis. The goal of this class isn’t necessarily to work with aggressive reactivity, but to work with general leash reactivity.

How much does the Concerned Canine Club cost?

The price is $300 for 8 sessions, two sessions a week, each session about 30 minutes. Remember, that there will be up to 3 other teams working with you and participation is key to the success of this class. The obedience and behavior assessment are $85 each if they are required. Every client will need to pay at least half the class fee in advance, and then pay the rest by the end of the 4th session.

Where will the classes be meeting?

For now, we’ll be working in public. Dog friendly parks (not dog play parks), and other public areas. The location will ideally be somewhere convenient for all of the participants.

I’m interested in joining the Concerned Canines Club, how do I get started?

You can call, text or email me, just like any other class! Once I’ve got enough clients interested, you’ll be placed into a group text. This will help keep everyone involved in scheduling and allow me to confirm and answer group questions a little easier as well.

I hope I’ve answered all of your questions and I’m excited to offer this service! Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested in joining! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy Tails everyone!


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